Disaster Plan Checklist

Due to the likelihood of mudslides and debris flows in Big Sur in these winters following the Basin Complex fire, we must all assess the safety and location of our homes.

Find Assessed Hazard Maps and Reports at the CPOA Website

If you are advised to leave before a storm, we suggest that you follow the professional guidance and evacuate. However, a mudslide or debris flow may occur that closes our roads and forces us to shelter in place. Be prepared for both.

Here a list that can help you prepare today:

  • Make an evacuation plan and consider alternate routes, in case some roads are closed. Learn the back roads that can be used in an emergency situation. Ensure you plan an evacuation route that does not use roads that are likely to be impacted (Nacimiento, Old Coast, etc.)
  • Practice getting out of the house within 5 minutes. Time yourself on a stopwatch.
  • Make sure families, neighbors, and friends are staying informed. This website will have current road and weather conditions, and breaking news. If you know someone who does not have internet, phone, or radio access, discuss alternate ways that they can stay informed of hazardous conditions.
  • Make a phone tree with neighbors and friends.
  • Choose an out-of-town contact to be a primary point of family communication in case of evacuation. During a disaster, local phone lines get tied up and it may be easier to reach someone out of the area. Make sure that everyone has that person's number.
  • Have a safe place to meet. Evacuations can happen at any time, and we may become separated from our friends and families. Decide on a place to meet if you are evacuated and cannot reach one another. It is suggested that Big Sur residents go north.
  • Gather evacuation materials.
  • Gather materials to shelter in place.