Before The Storm Preparation List

When storms are on the way, it is time to take stock and make sure we have things in place. Here is a little reminder list of things to get ready before any storm.

For further planning lists which include items needed for longer periods of time, please see the Disaster Checklist and the Shelter in Place Checklist.

(If you are a homeowner with renters, consider giving this list to your renters so that they may be informed and self-sufficient. A printable PDF version of this list is below.)

  • Know alternate routes in case roads go out.
  • Check in with family and neighbors- make sure you all know your disaster plan, including:
    1. Where to meet if your road becomes inaccessible.
    2. What out of town number to call if local phone lines are down or tied up. (At times of disaster, the local phone lines are often tied up, but out of town numbers are reachable.)
    3. What items you will take/things you will do if you are evacuated. See our Evacuation Checklist.
  • Bring in/cover all wood.
  • Clear out culverts.
  • Wind and rainproof your home- take down all umbrellas, check for items that might fall in big gusts, shut all windows, etc.
  • Fill all gas tanks.
  • Take out your phone that does not require power.
  • Check on battery powered items such as flashlights and radios.
  • Make candles and lighters easily accessible.
  • Make sure you have extra water, food, baby items, and prescription medications. In the event of a debris flow, those with spring water may find that water quality is compromised.
  • Check on generators.
  • Stock up on pet supplies including food and litter.
  • Know where your first aid kit is.
  • Prepare comfort and entertainment items that do not require power.
  • Make sure you have survival items in your car. See our Keep in Your Car Checklist.

Stay safe and enjoy this part of Big Sur life!

Download a printable PDF of this list.